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Prachi Fotani is a qualified Nutritionist with rich experience in Weight Management and Therapeutic diet counselling . She has completed her Masters in Clinical Nutrition and has been associated with some of the reputed hospitals and fitness centers over the years. She believes small changes in your lifestyle can bring drastic results in your overall well-being. According to her, balanced diet and regular exercise are the key weapons to fight obesity, ageing issues, Heart and Kidney related disorders, PCOD/PCOS etc and provide the long lasting benefits compared to medicines/ pills which also have side effects. Also, balanced diet if followed from early age will help keeping all these diseases away. 

Hospitals/ Fitness Centers she was

associated with:

  • Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune

  • Metro Hospital, Mumbai

  • Titan Hospital, Mumbai

  • Talwalkar's Fitness

  • Gold's Gym

She also conducted multiple corporate

wellness programs for corporates like

  • Vodafone

  • Capgemini

  • Schlumberger

617, Global Business Hub, near eon 

Kharadi, Pune 411014

Tel: 9545405936


  • Weight Loss & Emotional Eating

  • Diet for Weight Gain

  • Diabetic Diet Consulting

  • Therapeutic Diet

  • Diet for Kids

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Thyroid Diet

  • PCOS Diet

  • Heart Healthy Diet

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If you stay around Kharadi, Pune and can manage time to visit clinic during our operating hours, please Call or WhatsApp us at  +91 9545405936 to book an appointment as per your suitable time



If you cannot visit clinic, you can book an online consultation. For doing so, please Call or WhatsApp us at +91 9545405936 (Includes First Time Consultation with Diet Plan + 1 Follow Up), post which we can arrange an Skype/ WhatsApp call to discuss in more details

Frequently Asked Questions

How We Work?

On your first visit, you will be required to fill a Nutritional Assessment Form which consist of questions like your age, height, weight, your current eating habits, your medical history etc. Based on your current situation and what you would like to achieve from our sessions we will develop a plan suitable for your individual needs. You will receive a diet chart on following day of consultation Sessions are usually last 30 mins. WhatsApp support is also available between consultations to help keep you on track.

In case of Weight Loss Plan, how many KGs can you loose?

We don't guarantee any number of KGs as we are just recommending you but it would be you who has to follow the Diet Charts with commitment. But based on our previous experience, you can easily loose 2-3 KGs per month if you follow Diet Charts properly.

Do we recommend any Supplements?

No, normally we only recommend home based healthy and nutritious food which is easily available in any grocery shop. We don't perfer supplements as they may give you quick results but they are not good for long run. But still, sometimes based on client's health condition or any major deficiency, we might recommend Supplements for short period

Do you need any more commitments apart from following the Diet

Yes, Diet always goes hand to hand with Exercise. Along with following the Diet, we strongly recommend at least 30 min of physical activity

How to Connect Us in case of any Confusions in Diet Chart?

You can always connect us through our WhatsApp number +91 9545405936 during our operating hours i.e 9 AM to 8 PM IST and we will be happy to assist you.

Contact Us


 617, Global Business Hub,

Opposite EON IT Park, Kharadi,

Pune 411014

+91 9545405936

Clinic Timings

Mon to Sat 10am – 8:00pm; 

Clinic will remain closed on Sunday


  • Weight Loss Diet Plan

  • Weight Gain Diet Plan

  • Diabetic Wellness Plan

  • Kids Nutrition Plan

  • Family Wellness Plan

  • Cholesterol Management Diet

  • Digestive Disorder Diet

  • PCOS/PCOD Weight Management

  • Thyroid Weight Management

  • Maintenance  Diet

  • Kidney /Renal Diet

  • Hair and skin 

  • Gym Diet/  Muscle gain Diet

  • Menopause Diet

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