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Embrace a healthier you through the power of nutrition

Discover the power of healthy & clean eating

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Nutritionist/ Dietitian in Kharadi, Pune

How can we help?

How it works? 


Start with Free Session

Program starts with Free Body Analysis during which our Dietitians/ Nutritionists will understand your current body measurements, current Diet, Exercise, Sleeping pattern, your medical history and your health goals. Based on above parameters, nutritionist will provide you with some tips on Diet and Lifestyle changes.


Daily Meal Plans

If you register for paid meal plans, you will get 100% customized diet plan as per your food preferences (Veg/ Non Veg) divided into 5-6 meals in a day

Diet plan will include multiple home-made food options which you can easliy find in the Supermarket  

No Crash Diets, No Supplements & Pills


Regular Follow Ups

Based on what package you select, there would be regular consultations with Nutritionist every 10 days to monitor your progress and adjust Diet Plans accordingly

Chat Support on any clarifications 

Appointments as per your schedule

Healthy Eating PDF guides

Maintenance Diet Plan at the end of program.

“My experience with Prachi's diet is awesome. My 9 years old son was increased insulin and gained weight ( 49 ) kg, started diet plan from the first day he started to feel good difference and after following diet plan he lost weight and insulin also reduced. Now he is become more active because following Prachi's diet”
I started my post pregnancy weight loss plan just 3months after delivery. 
Started from 78kg.... reached to 65kg without even knowing that I am on a diet. It was an awesome journey of weight loss till now.....and counting further. Also gain my confidence and stamina .
Thanks Dr Prachi for understanding and suggesting great plan
I had so problems like...acidity,leg pain,back pain and weight gain...she listened very properly....guided me and motivated me ...she gave assurance everything will be fine..she made sure...that all my favorite food was added in diet..I like wheat chapati..and thought what I will eat but she had much better options...and her receipes are the best....

Results say better than words

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