Anushree from uk shared her weight loss journey with us

I had a great experience following Prachi's diet plans. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. I was consulting remotely, and I opted for three months of diet program. IMO 3 months program worked better as it takes a while to understand and properly follow the diet plans. Also, you give yourself time to adjust to diet plans and to make a habit of eating good food. 

That's the main area where I struggled the most, being consistent, and I think Prachi was excellent in helping me overcome those issues. She kept regular follow-ups and guided me through the process. She listened very patiently to all the concerns and questions. She customized plans based on the needs and availability of the products. She makes adjustments to the plans based on the progress you make. Also, her focus is losing the weight in the right way and not by keeping calorie counts with some extreme diets. The main achievement for me, along with losing weight, is getting into the habit of eating home-cooked, fresh, and portioned meals. I feel this is something that is going to help me in the long run. 

Overall, Prachi is a great nutritionist, knows her stuff very well, has a very good and professional setup. Her diet plans are easy to follow and maintain, and you would see the results if you are consistent. I would recommend her to anyone with diet/weight loss concerns. 

Thank you, Prachi!

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