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On this women’s day, take a pledge for your health and fitness

Happy women’s day to all lovely ladies!!!

Today's women are managing both office work as well as home, but in every day's life, they forget to take care of their body, heart and mind. There are many problems by which women do not pay attention to themselves and these small problems take a terrible form in future. Women take care of their families but are unable to make time for themselves. There are many common health issues of women like PCOS, thyroid, anemia, cervical cancer, bones disorder, obesity etc. Women’s are five to eight times more likely to have thyroid problems.

On this women’s day, take a pledge for your health and fitness

Here are some tips and life style changes women must follow:

1.Create self care plan -

To take care of family and loved ones, women must first keep themselves healthy. Follow some easy steps to revitalize your health.

  • Stay hydrated, track your steps and start exercising for at least 30 min a day & 5 days in a week

  • Set timer and remind yourself to stand up and walk for 5- 10 min.

  • Cook healthy meal and snacks for yourself.

  • Start a health diary to document your health journey and eating habits.

2. Develop new Hobbies -

Research shows that developing new hobbies reduce stress and is good for physical health. Get involved in different hobbies like dance, music, reading, fitness, blogging etc.

3. Health checkup-

Routine check-up is necessary every year to get to know any deficiency or health problem.

4. Incorporate healthy diet-

Vitamin D, calcium, vitamin B12, iodine are very common deficiencies in women. Start eating healthy and nutritious meal.

Here are some food to overcome of these nutrition deficiencies

  • Calcium - Ragi, Dairy products, cashew, cabbage, cauliflower, millets, cheese

  • Vitamin D - Mushroom, fish, sun light, fortified cereals, sun light infused water.

  • Iron- Moringa, amaranth, dates, raisins, leafy vegetables, eggs, soybean, fish, chicken, kidney beans

  • Vitamin B12 - Chicken fish, egg yolk, sprouts, lean meat, skimmed milk powder, black eyed beans, fermented foods.

  • Folate (B-9) - Spinach. horse-gram, broad beans, parsley, eggs, sesame seeds, mint leaves

  • Iodine- Iodized salt, sea food. dairy products milk, cottage cheese, prunes, beans.

Take care of your body its the only place you have to live!!

Happy women's day !!


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