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Health Tips for Summer Heat

Summer season is finally arrived!

It is very important to be hydrated all the time to maintain good level of energy. In addition to drinking lots of water, your diet also plays a very important role in keeping you hydrated. Want to be fit and hydrated this summer? Then follow the below tips which will help you to hydrate your body and keep you energized in this summer.

1. Avoid Plastic Bottle/ Refrigerated Water-

Start your day with 2 glasses clay pot water which will help your body to be hydrated and remove toxin from the body. Clay being alkaline in nature helps in neutralizing the Ph level of water and gives our body natural cooling

Avoid refrigerator water stored in plastic bottles as plastic can imbalances your hormones and can lead to many health problems.

2. Include Fresh Fruits in your Diet-

Summer is the season of very nutritious fruit like water melon, musk melon, lichi , berries, cherries, water chest nut, sugar cane, Lime, Peaches, plums. You can eat these fruits anytime during the day but the best time is in early mornings. Do not fear to eat mangoes as eating mango in moderation will not put on your weight. Always choose seasonable fruit in your meal

As fruits are rich sources of vitamins it will keep you healthy and improve digestion and immunity and hydrate your body and skin.

You can also incorporate fruits in salads, smoothie, raita, fruit custard, fruit chat etc.

3. Cook Food with Lighter Ingredients-

Compared to winter, our digestion will slow down in summers. We should eat light meals but it should be nutritious. Incorporate proteins in each and every meal. Nutritionist Prachi say, don’t forget to include salad in daily meals as raw salad gives us excellent amount of fiber which will help you to control your weight.

In gravies, include yogurt ,butter milk and coconut milk as these options make your dishes healthy and lighter, vegetables that are good in summer - Bottle gourd, Cucumber, Mint, Coriander, Pumpkin, Tomato, Onion, Celery, Zucchini , Dark leafy vegetables.

4. Avoid tea, coffee and caffeinated drinks-

Avoid tea coffee in summers because these drinks dehydrate your body. Apart from water, you can also drink coconut water, fruit juices with fiber , vegetable juices ,lemon water, aam panna , mint chaas , mint infused water, Green tea, chamomile tea etc.

Avoid packed juices, cola, pepsi and all those drinks which promise you instant cooling effect.

5. Control your portion-

Do not over eat in summers , control your portion and eat quality food. You can use compartment plate or small size plates for meals. Study shows when we use smaller plates we eat fewer calories. Choose smartly and healthy option which are nutritious. Fill half of the plate with salads

6. Avoid Eating Outside-

Always prefer home based meals. If eating outside, make sure your meal or juices are clean and hygienic. In summer, we are easily prone to bacterial infection due to outside food. Always wash your hands before you eat.

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