Covid-19 and Nutrition

Nutrition Management for Covid-19 Patients

  • Good Nutrition is important for Health Particularly in times when immunity might need to fight back.

  • Increase frequency of Meals to fulfill increased Calorie requirement

  • Include Vitamin C, zinc, vitamin A, B6, D, E, Iron, Folate, and fiber rich foods in diet and if not getting enough from diet then have it supplements.

  • Sour throat can be relieved by taking Herbal tea, Tea, Honey, Ginger, Turmeric.

  • Coughs can be relieved by taking warm liquids, Vegetable soups, Chicken soups, warm water with some honey or ginger

  • Increase consumption of Fruits and Vegetables as they are antioxidant rich

  • Ensure enough Sleep, Reduce stress, avoid intake of alcohol and Tobacco products

  • Stay hydrated Water intake should be 3-4 ltrs/day.

  • Exposure to sun for atleast 30 min

CLICK HERE to Download Covid-19 and Nutrition as PDF file.

Covid Nutrition PDF
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